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AHB Board 2016

Eric NorbergERIC NORBERG -- President
Eric Norberg has been a member of AHB for years. After decades as an employee, he has been operating home businesses since 1981, and has done so fulltime since 1990. Eric wanted the support of others doing the same thing, and the opportunity to network regularly with others building their own businesses while working from home. He says he finds AHB a congenial and educational experience which he looks forward to each month. “It really fills a need,” he says.

ripkeyJ. MARK RIPKEY -- Vice President
It is great to have a group that is about the personal relationships and support for building a business. AHB is just that. No pressures for 'leads' or 'referrals' but simply the true belief in providing the information and resources to build a business as the individual sees their vision. Great community and great people are the hallmarks of AHB and the benefits are in the speakers' slate as well as the interactive style during our education hour, the wonderful meal is just icing on the cake. Having friends and colleagues that understand the ups and downs of a home-based business is the reason I joined and my positive experiences over the last few years is why I have stayed

Ron MillerRON MILLER -- Treasurer
When I first started out, I assumed there was an organization like AHB, but it took some searching to find it. The idea of learning from others’ mistakes before I make my own, and gathering as much knowledge as possible about the small business world, were foremost reasons for membership. I enjoy the formal presentations as well as the one-on-one networking. And while not seeking referrals and revenue actively, that word of mouth thing does yield results. AHB is more broad-based geographically than other business organizations, and offers the most value per dollar invested.

Having belonged to several different business and referral groups over the years, I have always believed there are numerous business as well as personal benefits to being involved in a group. I have been in the corporate world and I own a home-based business too, so I get the struggles and rewards of each situation. Now, being home-based almost exclusively, it is great to meet other business owners and share ideas as well as learn from their successes. AHB has offered me that opportunity to meet others , to learn about their businesses, and share in their struggles and successes. Once a month for three hours is, to me, time well spent. I recommend it highly.

Anytime there is a self-employed member of a household, everyone is part of that business. I joined AHB by default as a spousal member. Learning about small business operations is critical to giving real support to a home-based business. AHB gives me a chance to interact with other people in similar situations. And, the skills and knowledge passed on by the various speakers apply to more than just the home business. I now have perspective on the owner's point of view, the manager's point of view, the salesman's point of view, etc. To me, it's all about relationships—up, down, side-to-side—and there is something to be gained from each one.

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